2014 JEDS – Volume II


 Volume II 2014

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The Journal of Emerging Dance Scholarship (JEDS) is published annually in September by the World Dance Alliance (WDA). JEDS is designed to serve the needs of international dance scholars who are currently enrolled in a graduate program or within 5 years of having graduated from a graduate program in dance or a related field. Articles featured in JEDS are selected through a double-blind review process by international reviewers with strong publishing records and established expertise in diverse fields of dance.   Articles are selected based on their originality of research and the contributions each makes to the future of dance praxis (theory and practice).  JEDS was originally published in September 2013 after being approved at the World Dance Alliance Global Summit in Taipei, Taiwan under the guidance of the WDA Research and Documentation Networks and the support of the WDA Global Executive Board

Editors’ Introduction

Reviewer and Advisory Committee

2014 JEDS Themes:

How Dance is Placed, Re-Placed, and Imagined

Dance Pedagogy: Across Geographies, Theories, and Spaces

Guide to Contributors