Review: Site Specific choreography tour, World Dance Alliance-Americas Conference, The University of Hawai’i-Manoa, July 20I5



Tara Munjee

Part-Time Lecturer, Mason Gross School of the Arts-Rutgers University

New Brunswick, New Jersey USA

Ph.D. Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas USA


Choreography by Jazmyne Koch, 2015 WDAA Conference, photography by Kali Kasashima
Choreography by Jazmyne Koch, 2015 WDAA Conference, photography by Kali Kasashima

This performance review explores artistic space creation as seen in three different site dances performed at the World Dance Alliance-Americas Conference at The University of Hawai’i-Manoa in July 20I5.  Combining audience observation with interview data from the choreographers, the author examines how sites and choreographies work together to create new spaces in performance.  Physical, artistic and social factors are interwoven and palpable in these site dances that offer audiences wonderfully rich and nuanced performance spaces.


Tara Munjee, dance artist, researcher and educator is keenly interested in social spatial practices and site-specific dance performance.  Her interdisciplinary doctoral dissertation, “Processual Place: Intersections in Dance Performance, Geographical Discourse, and Everyday Life,” draws from theorization in dance, human geography and sociology.  Dr. Munjee completed her PhD. in May 2013 and has recently published articles on dance performance and spatial studies in peer-reviewed journals such as: Research in Dance Education, Journal of Dance Education and Spaces and Flows-Journal of Urban and Exurban Studies.   

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